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Bronson & the Matriarch

Here Comes The Herd

Roll Herd Roll

Written By: Shaheed Francis


From the mountains of New Jersey, the legend of Bronson the Bison began.  Bronson the Bison, one rarest and most thoughtful of The Pack.  Bronson has always stood out yet wasn’t taken seriously until it was too late.  Bronson wanted to move up the mountain away from predators and the ocean’s ability to rise. 

Water although sacred to the bison can also be detrimental to their wellbeing.  Despite Bronson’s warning, the pack would not listen to his advice.  Worried about his safety, Bronson did the only thing he could do.  Bronson had to sperate from the pack. 

Bronson stood up for what he believed in and decided to lead his newfound Herd to the top of the mountain.  Immediately appointing his mother as The Matriarch to lead the long migration ahead.  Bronson along with other like-minded Bison started to migrate.  The travel was grueling as they took on violent winds and cruel weather the way up the mountain.

Looking down at the River this day in age shows how Bronson’s courage saved The Herd.  Its shows how a strong Queen, Mother, the Matriarch used her intuition to find new pastures.

This day in 2022 we call our Home The Matriarch.  We named our program after the Rolling Herd that once grazed these lands. Our sigil is in honor of the Mighty Bronson, and our heart, is the spirit of the Garden State.


Here Comes The Herd, Roll Herd Roll.

Shaheed Francis

The H.E.N.G (Herd Editorial News Group)

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