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Biggest Fish in the Pond

Oct 10, 2022

The Garden State Herd has made a splash with the recruiting of Lance Fischer (@l.fischer_20) . Lance is a staple in the Minor League Circuit and has performed at a high level everywhere he has been.


Last night scoring 4 TDs one going for 60 plus yards with some major heroics and agile moves to find pay dirt. I was able to catch up with Lance via direct messaging and asked him these questions.


Shaheed : You posted on your own that you would be playing for the Maroon and Gold this season. You could’ve played and contributed to any program with your type of talent, why The Herd?


Lance: “I picked the Herd because I love how they run the program they make it feel like it's not just Semi pro football they make it feel like it's NFL. The way they run it and going against the Herd last season I seen every player loved and believed in the program.”

Lance Fischer Photo'd by Scott Greenwald

Shaheed: A 4 Touchdown night! What was your motivation going into Saturday nights game ?


Lance: “ My 4 touchdown night was motivated by my grandmother. It was her birthday and my nephew's, to show them what hard was pays off on game day.”


Shaheed: What do you want to say to the fans in Herd Country about yourself ?


Lance : “What I want to say to the fans of the Herd is LETS ROLL BABY.”


We are sure the Herd will be rolling this season with the 2023 class being a huge hit. We look forward to covering The Herd this season.

Shaheed Francis
Senior Journalist
H.E.N.G. (Herd Editorial News Group)

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