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Face of the Franchise?

Oct 16, 2022

The Garden State Herd 2023 OTA’s are about 2 weeks away, and players have been working out on their own time this offseason setting up workouts and building chemistry before they have to report.


One player in particular stands out as clear cut ready to take on the role as “The Guy!” Leading the way with creating workouts and getting those skill positions rolling. Haroldo Nolasco A.K.A Papo, (@papo.1799) yes that’s right folks the Garden State Herd starting center has been the face of the franchise this off-season, taking charge of leading these men in the absence of QB Ricky Jones (@ricky_rhedd) who is on Injured Reserve recovering from a torn rotator cuff. 


Nolasco, who was an All-Star for the Garden State Herd Last year wants to get the ‘23 season off on the right foot so that this Herd team hits OTA’s full steam ahead.

Heraldo Nolasco Photo'd leading the Offensive Line

A leader of the offensive line, he looks to have his returning troops of Chris Coles (@colesiscash71) , Ronald Meacham (@meach07___) & Tyreek Smalls (@ )ready for combat. 


With The way Nolasco looks leading this off-season, the Herd offense may be a force to reckoned with under Run Heavy Offensive Coordinator Keith Anderson (@keithanderson482). 

J.R. Bagley
H.E.N.G. (Herd Editorial News Group)

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