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Part of the Process

Mar 16, 2023

It’s almost game time, and head coach Wayne Dabney Jr. (@coachwayne1212) is ready.

“We have put the work in, but that’s just as it sounds. It holds no action but shows our commitment and dedication. That can never go unnoticed. But, execution will be our biggest friend. The ball club we are facing is no slouch so preparation is key. The staff assembled has done a great job and our coordinators have really given these young guys an identity. Executing on all 3 phases will be our main focus, other than that eliminate penalties and play ball.” Said Dabney at the conclusion of this evenings practice.

Head Coach Wayne Dabney Photo'd at Practice

Great attendance tonight shows the dedication this team has going into week one in just one week before the seasons opener.

Shaheed Francis
Senior Journalist
H.E.N.G. (Herd Editorial News Group)

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