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The Bucket List Keeps Growing

Oct 12, 2022

I am sure the bucket list keeps growing for Defensive back Darryl Kennedy Jr. (@deedai3rne) Wearing the coveted number 3 this season for the first time within his football career had to be at the top of that list.


The number that was worn by New Jersey and Plainfield Legend Darryl Kennedy Sr.(@dk_kennedy03) Sr, who was a Warrior in his own right and is one of the most talked about players in Minor League Football and within High School football in Union County. Having played for the Bend but Never Break NJ Wolves Minor League football team he has had his fair share of championships through his tenure. Not to mention playing at Syracuse University on a full athletic scholarship.


Now your probably wondering, is this about Junior or Senior?  Well, it’s about both! Without one you cannot have the other, and without one making the plays he has made the other wouldn’t have something or someone to outdo.

Darryl Kennedy Jr was the Most Valuable Player last season for The Garden State Herd in 2022. Receiving the “Ultimate Warrior” nickname from Head coach Wayne Dabney Jr. (@CoachWayne1212) “The kid is electric, very quiet, and well mannered until he puts on the armor and steps on the field, he has an ability that’s hard to coach, and that’s always being around the football.

Darryl Kennedy Jr. Photo'd wearing Number 3

When your dad Is an amazing player its easy to get lost in the shadow of greatness that still lingers after they take off the pads, but this kid has proven he is a player of his own. He’s on his way, The Ultimate Warrior” said Coach Dabney when asked about Kennedy Jr’s nickname.

Defensive coordinator Juan DePena (@tactical___rhino) “He was the heart and soul of the defense last year and he provided the energy, and a never quit attitude.


Were hoping that that attitude becomes even more contagious in 2023 with rest of the defense.” Words stated by DePena. We are all happy and excited to see what is in store for The Garden State Herd.

Shaheed Francis
Senior Journalist
H.E.N.G. (Herd Editorial News Group)

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