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What a Day!

Nov 4, 2022

A huge thank you to @fieldlining for their great work on practice facility number 2 today.

“Grass eliminates injuries and will stop false steps, which will help with the coaches evaluation process. Having a turf facility for practice as well as a grass facility gives us versatility as well as prepares us for all terrain versus our opponents.

This is #Camp #Compete and what better way then to open up camp then in a new facility. Of course if there’s rain we will move to the turf, but hey man I’m old school.

I hope these guys are ready to compete and be apart of the full football experience.” Said Head Coach Wayne Dabney Jr. (@coachwayne1212)

Owner of Field Lining Photo'd At Our Facility

We look forward to giving you more information this week when we visit The Herd at #CampCompete this Sunday.

Gregory Rhett
Junior Journalist
H.E.N.G. (Herd Editorial News Group)

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